SUT-TAMUG Membership

Interested in joining?  Membership in the TAMUG branch of SUT is free and open to all degree seeking students (grads and undergrads) currently enrolled at Texas A&M University at Galveston.

We are seeking additional officers & members!

We are currently seeking students to fill the following positions: Treasure!

This is a great chance to gain experience with an organization that reaches a large community, and an excellent opportunity to boost your resume. Officers must be at least half time students (6 credits for undergraduates and 4 credits for graduate students) in good standing with the university. Contact us for more information.

Society for Underwater Technology Membership

Our parent organization is the Society for Underwater Technology.  Formal membership in SUT is not required to participate in our events, however we encourage you to join this professional organization. Student memberships are available and provides a subscription to the SUT magazine, access to Student sponsorships through the Educational Support Fund scholarship grants, and more



To be an SUT student member you are required:

  • To be aged over 17 years

  • To be intending to be engaged in the field of underwater technology or in a field of engineering, industry, science or teaching connected directly or indirectly with underwater technology

  • To be able to provide confirmation of that you are a full time student.